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Hello everyone,

I’m sure that none of you know that i play World of Warcraft because this is only my second post to my blog. I play on the Galakrond server, i have 11 “” or characters on that server ranging from level 10-90. I also have a few other “alts” that i play on different servers. But anyway this is a post that i posted to the communities forums ranting about guilds a little bit and i was going to elaborate further using my blog, well to see if anyone is listening to me i guess, its hard to get recognition when you first start i blog i suppose.

Are there any left? – Forums – World of Warcraft.

And yes if you haven’t figured it out by now this is going to be a rant, When I first started playing WoW  (World of Warcraft) on the Galakrond server it was Full of helpful wonderful people, always at the ready to run a dungeon, or go on an epic journey through the game with you for a few hours a night, but recently I’ve found that this server and many servers like it have “died” in a sense. It’s sad really, to watch a servers community actively grow more and more corrupt. Greed, Envy, Anger, Hatred, I see all of this in the community as of late and it really saddens me. No one is truly you “friend” anymore, there’s always ulterior motives, always poised to stab you in the back for that one piece of armor, or that one special mount with the incredibly low drop rate, I’ve witnessed very heated verbal arguments over virtual items, so much rage over something digital.  There’s an unending supply of them scripted into the game (in most cases) so why fight over it, it may take you a little longer to finally get one but the chance is still there to get one.

But Back to the guilds, all the above is why i see guilds dying out on the servers, what ever happened to forming up a 50-toon raid party and storming through Orgrimmar or Stormwind? Raids Just don’t happen anymore outside of  “Looking For Raid” there is always talk about forming a raid party on (/2 trade:) but someone always shoots it down cause they don’t want to participate, saying its stupid, even though they would probably most likely have 100% more fun raiding a major city that they would in a raid instance. But no, they have to hide in their corner somewhere in the trade district and shoot the idea down, maybe discouraging the other people from joining your raiding party because they hear them say it’s a stupid idea and that influences their decisions.


This is another thing that really bugs me, Everyone thinks its funny and alright to bully everyone, but they don’t call it bullying anymore they call it Trolling,  Basically its the act of setting someone up to look utterly stupid in front of their peers, in other words its “public” humiliation, it sickens me because the same people who “troll” are typically the butthurt individuals who say its wrong to “bully” others, like they think what they are actively doing is any better that what they are complaining about.  I really enjoy playing MMORPG’s (Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Game’s) and i would really hate for something like this to destroy the WoW community, and the game for me and any others who feel the same way about this, they say that there are methods provided to report this kind of thing, but the problem is no one is using them, they are abused more than they are used for what they are put in place for.

Abuse of the Reporting systems;

This leads to the abuse of the reporting system, you may not think about it often but i do, Say you’re in PvP and you are really kicking butt, like to the point where you think there is something wrong with everyone else cause you’ve never Gotten this many HK’s in a single match let alone killing blows., Whats to stop someone from the other team, Or even your team from reporting you from cheating simply because you’re doing better than them that particular match or because you keep killing them every time you meet that other player and he just can’t seem to take you down so he reports you for cheating. And for the GM’s this must be very nerve-wracking when investigating, I am kind of curious as to how that process actually works. Or in my most recent circumstance.

Guild Thief!!

I was Accused today of stealing from my recent guild I was in, I had decided to leave, but I was very tight on gold and needed some for repairs later if I could not find a guild that had open repair’s at the vendors,. Well first let’s go back a couple of months, I had been the most active member on this guild for months my rank in activity was #1 I was more active than the owner of the guild, i donated more gold to that guild than i spent the whole time I leveled to 90 on myself, One deposit was for over 5,000 Gold, I didn’t And still don’t have the fastest level for flying and that only cost 4,500 Gold, so that alone speaks of how free i am with guilds and my own gold that I quest and run dungeons for. I had grown tired of this guild and the four or five regular members out of the 970 that were registered to the guild, that would actually log on they were in the end more loyal and probably the guild masters alternate toons anyway (ha-ha).  So as i said above i decided to look for another guild and go on my way, but before I left I took some things from the guild bank that i felt that i was entitled to, i was basically the Guild Masters left butt-cheek, but i hadn’t seen him nor heard of him log in server in Months, I thought the guild had died like all good guilds usually do, we were a top guild on the server at one time, but sadly like all other guilds it hadn’t been maintained and it was going under very fast, since i wasn’t the captain and he had (to me) already abandoned ship i didn’t really see a need to stick around any longer, although i have alternates in the guild still, i took my Main toon and went looking for a guild that i could progress in. Somewhere i could thrive, But before i left as i said i took some gems, and items, and 75 gold out of the bank till, which is what every member over private (lowest) was entitled to for repairs, i didn’t see this as a problem and went on my way, after i found a good guild after several days of searching, That 75 gold was long spent and the items were sold for more gold to make more repairs, (lvl 90 repairs aren’t cheap when you have all heroic or better gear). I logged on today and was whispered (privately messaged) that i was going to be reported for theft if i didn’t return said items and gold, I basically explained my reasoning, and after she (the guild masters wife) had freaked out on me and threatened my account, I got defensive and told her to go make her husband a “sammich” and if he had a problem with it that i wanted to hear it from him. Then i proceeded to put her on the ignore list so i could get back to my gaming pleasures, I don’t think that i did anything wrong, what do you think? A little harsh? yeah i could say that, i do have a temper at time and i apologize, but really after all i did i believe i was entitled to those things, i had done so much for that guild.


Thank you for reading to my blog and i hope for you to follow me and read more in the future!!


This is Also something I have been working on, it’s blender 3d imaging software and I and trying to tech myself how to use it! so far so good!

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